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Have you ever seen mildew growing in your bathroom? The beautiful walls on which you paint for hours, get spoiled due to leaks or moisture. Have you ever noticed an unattractive water stain on the ceiling behind your shower? These are all signs of leaking water leaking from somewhere in your shower cubicle or bathtub. Our best plumbing group can help you find the solution.
We have plumbers available for you 24 hours a day. So, if your faucet is suddenly leaking or turned into a plumbing emergency, we may be ready to go with a long-term solution within an hour after you inquire.

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With the Problem of an Untreated Shower

These untreated shower leaks are not only painful, but also expensive to repair. And you may have to face many problems. For this you should know how to identify such a problem.

Cause of trouble in the shower

  • Shower head

A leak in a showerhead can usually be caused by:

  • Formation of mineral deposits.
  • Cartridge wear or tear.
  • If the handle is in the closed position.
  • Shower tray

As we know shower leaks are more likely to occur at the junction between the shower tray and the walls, this could be due to the following reasons.

  • Shaking or swaying of the shower tray.
  • Sealant problems arise. This could be a problem if a poor adhesive was used, or if mold is present in the sealant.
  • The main reason for this is the flaws in the shower seal.
  • Mixer valve

If your mixer valve is dripping, it can be easily fixed. The following common reasons for a leaking mixer valve can be:

  • Using a worn or loose faucet washer.
  • An O-ring that has become damaged or loose or the faucet is damaged.
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What are the disadvantages of a dripping shower?

All you need to do is replace some shower fittings, shower trays, or retails to make the situation better. The tricky thing about shower leaks is that the damage can be largely hidden, so it becomes essential to stop shower leaks as soon as possible, to avoid permanent water problems and costly repairs. It is important to find out and investigate thoroughly.

  • Leak in the water supply

Another big reason is a leak in your shower’s water source. Incorrectly placed or outdated solder connections in your tub or shower are often the cause of this.

  • Problems with the grout

If you’re having problems with grouting between your shower and the wall, it’s probably the easiest to solve. These chips are common sources of grout difficulties if tile grouting has gaps. The potential for cracks and fractures is also common in the grouting between the shower tray and the wall.

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Why is my shower leaking?
The main reason for this can be damaged O-rings, washers, or gaskets. When hair, soap, and other debris in the bathroom clog a shower drain, it can cause water to not go down the drain. If your tub or pan overflows, it can cause it to leak from the ceiling below.

Why should we choose the best Plumbing Group?
Each of our teams comes with all the tools you need for your household tasks such as a tap washer, ceramic discs for mixer taps, O-rings, replacement tapware, and more. Our top plumbing group brings together one hardware store for each of their operations, leading to same-day faulty faucet repairs.

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