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There are many factors that can contribute to damaged gas lines such as extreme weather conditions, seismic activity, or simply an everyday usage that leads to inevitable wear and tear of your gas heating system.

If you suspect you have a gas leak somewhere around your property, the most important thing is not to panic and make a call to a certified plumbing technician from Finest Plumbing Group to detect it and try to solve your problem as quickly as possible.

Taking care of your gas leak immediately is crucial to avoid potential accidents and ensure that no one in your family is at risk. If there is a leak on your property, it could cause not only detrimental effects on the health of your family but also lead to possible explosions and other disasters. With our 24/7 emergency gas leak detection Sydney, there is no reason to worry, though!

Some telltale signs you might be dealing with a natural gas leak on your property are:

  • Dead vegetation in one part of your property
  • The smell of rotten eggs, which is most likely to be found around gas-powered appliances
  • Strange, hissing sounds
  • Inexplicable spikes in your gas bills, etc.

If you notice anything we mentioned above, we suggest you vacate your property and give us a call to ensure that your gas leak is managed quickly and safely.

Qualified gas detection services

At Finest Plumbing Service, our team of professionals ensures to handle all your gas leak issues, no matter the scale of the problem. If you think you may have a gas leak, you should switch off all your appliances and call an emergency plumbing service right away. Do not start your car and do not put on any electric device that might cause a spark, just wait for someone from the Finest Plumbing Group to arrive and take care of this potentially dangerous issue! Our qualified team will assess, evaluate and take care of the situation swiftly.

Gas Leak detection and repair process

We use the latest detection equipment available and we will perform a gas leak test by introducing the pressure gauge or perhaps use some other method in case we determine it is more suitable for your situation. Once we find out the exact gas leak location, we can discuss the price so that you know whether it fits your budget before we start fixing it.

Why choose the Finest Plumbing Group and our emergency gas plumbers?

We are:

  • Skilled, fully licensed, and accredited to deal with natural gas leak detections and repairs
  • Efficient, meaning we can solve all sorts of plumbing issues within the shortest time possible
  • Friendly and welcoming towards all our customers, all the time
  • Confident in our services because we have years of experience behind us
  • Constantly focused on quality and do not want to leave anything to the case, especially when it comes to potentially hazardous situations such as gas leaks
  • Our emergency gas plumbers operate throughout the Sydney area, providing commercial and residential plumbing services alike.


You can schedule a meeting with one of our emergency gas plumbers in case you suspect you have a gas leak on your property. Do not delay anything, call us right away and we will pay you a visit as soon as possible regardless of the part of Sydney you live in. Our emergency gas leak detection Sydney is available 24/7!

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