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Sometimes all of us use the most effortless way to get rid of excess oil while cooking — the kitchen sink. Although this seems like a clever idea and fast solution it’s nothing like that. Ultimately, we end up with blocked pipes that are in desperate need of cleaning.

We cause ourselves a lot of stress and discomfort, just because we wanted to go with the easiest method. Needless to say, this doesn’t have to be the only reason our pipes get blocked. Oftentimes the dirt accumulates for years, and at one point it starts causing problems.

Early Signs of Blocked Pipes

You cannot maintain absolute control when it comes to pipes, but you can always stay cautious. Start paying attention to your surroundings and you might notice some indicators that will show you need to seek professional help.

If an unpleasant smell is spreading through your drain, it means something is happening inside the pipes. If you don’t do anything fast, it will get worse in no time.

If water is flowing slowly through the drain, something is blocking the pipes. The water needs to go around the blockage and that’s delaying the process of flowing.

If you notice any bubbling and unusual sounds it means the water cannot flow normally. You have only one solution in that case, and that is to dial the number and call professionals.

As you can see, a lot of signs tell us we have a problem with blocked pipes in our home, but you can always avoid them with regular maintenance.

Our Work Approach Can Be Summed up in the Following 3 Steps:

Our blocked pipes Sydney service includes drain maintenance, unblocking drains, clearing tree roots and repairing any kind of leakage in the drain. Our experienced emergency plumbers operate throughout the Sydney area and come forward to offer prompt services for commercial and residential properties alike.


You may tell your concerns to our experts over the phone or may call them over to assess the situation in-person. As per the assessment, you will be provided with a no-obligation price quote. Before attempting to fix the issue, we take time to carry out diagnosis and ensure easy accessibility to the point of blockage or leakage. This allows us to facilitate the repairs and thus save you a great deal of time and hassles.


Once you agree upon the price, our expert will quickly get down to clearing or repairing the drain however the situation demands. The use of CCTV cameras, modern equipment and cutting-edge technology for unblocking/repairing drains will make them function just like when they were newly installed.


After we clear your drains, you may decide a further course of action to prevent blockage from occurring in the near future. If tree-roots are the potential cause of the blockage, we can pour in certain chemicals to maintain roots from growing again. The chemicals that we use are environmentally friendly and highly effective.

What to Do Before We Arrive?

If you are calling us to solve the problem with pipes that are already blocked, we have a couple of advice on what to do while you wait:

Don’t run the water by any means. This also applies to toilet flushing.
Inform anyone in the house they are not allowed to use water from the sink.
Turn off the main water supply in the house. This is the only way to be 100% sure there won’t be any water running through the drainage.

After you prepared everything, sit back and try not to stress out. We will be at your home faster than you think.

Book Blocked Pipes Sydney Services Now

If you have a problem with blocked pipes, you can always lean on us. Our services are available 24 hours, so you can call us in the middle of the night if you have a need.

Naturally, the best possible thing you can do is to book our services for regular maintenance. Don’t wait to wake up one morning with blocked pipes and go through stress you could avoid. Save yourself a great deal of hassle by calling our blocked pipes Sydney team for regular drain maintenance. It’s wiser to spend a small amount on maintenance rather than bearing high repair costs in the future.

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