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Pipe Relining and Patching

Finest Plumbing Group has experienced that common pipe had been frequently changed than repaired. Today trenchless pipe restoration is a new opportunity that allows pipe recovery and makes it completely operational. Thus, money is savedon costs, time, and effort.  

These are the methods of pipe and drain repair which is used at Finest Plumbing Group:

  • Pipe Relining 
  • Pipe Patching

Let’s first get to know what Finest Plumbing is all about before we go deeper into understanding these terms.

Pipe Reclining Actual Meaning?

In this technology, pipes are repaired without any digging.Normally the whole pipe is removed but in this case, a lining is made inside the affected pipe to repair it.A resin mixture is used to make the lining and it is specifically made for pipe relining work.Only licensed and specialized plumbers can perform this task.

Why is Pipe Reclining a Good Choice?

  • When compared to the excavation it is low in cost.
  • There is less damage to the surroundings since it involves less digging.
  • The traditional process used to take more time than this one.
Pipe Relining and Patching

Know the Actual Meaning of Pipe Patching -

When repairing a smaller damaged section of the pipe, pipe patching is a goodchoice instead of the traditional pipe repair techniques.

At Finest Plumbing group the area is inspected using drain cameras and repairs are done by the structured pipe patch method. The patches which are prepared by us are made of fiberglass matting and formulated resin.

Once thelength of the patch is measured correctly, a patch is prepared with the resin and then through the drain packer, we expand the structural lining that lets the resin repair the damaged part.

How to decide which to go for?
The circumstances will decide what the final decision is. To make the decision-making process less hectic for you, we are giving you the clue. If you want sectional repair patchwork is required whereas for a larger circumference reclining is used.

How does a need for pipe relining / patching arise?

  • If your pipes are not serviced for a longer period.
  • You ignore the tinier leaks.
  • For the drain system, you are using poor-quality pipes.
  • Your contractor gives you poorly after service for setting up the whole system.

Why should you choose pipe relining / patching?

  • A traditional dig-up method followed from eons is costlier than this.
  • High durability. Once the job is done by us, a well-maintained pipe could easily last for about 10 – 15 years.
  • It is pocket friendly. Instead of replacing the wholesystem, the pipe relining or patching helps you cut back on huge expenditures.
Here’s why you should choose Finest Plumbing Group

We are Honest: We believe that our customers shouldn’t be misguided hence we guide you through the whole process with utmost sincerity on a no-cost basis.

We are Committed: We don’t judge our clients based on the size of the job required by them, we treat every client with equal importance.

We are Professionals: We respect your personal space and understand that your home has to be left neat and clean. We have never compromised on our professionalism and never will.

We take the utmost pride in being able to make your life easier and developing lasting relationships with our clients, to show that we value every one of you!

So don’t wait till you draw a huge hole in your pocket by choosing to go for a water system replacement instead call us at Finest Plumbing Group today on 0450 888 881 and let the water flow free in the well-fitted and serviced pipes as it should be!

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