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Leaking taps and showers and toilets

If there is water, there is tomorrow, a leaking tap gets inside the most inconvenient things.

Water is wasted due to continuous dripping of water, it also enters your mind, however, this Wastage of water can be completely stopped with our help.

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What Causes a Dripping Tap?

The most typical cause of a leaking or dripping tap is a worn out or incorrectly placed washer. Other common explanations include:

  • O-ring that isn’t tight
  • Soiled seals
  • The valve seat has corroded
  • Parts that are loose
  • Pipes that have ruptured
  • The age of your taps
  • Your water pressure is very high

How punctual and efficient are our plumbers?

Our plumbers can come immediately to your call, evaluate your leaking faucet and find and fix the problem. They can replace the O-rings, install a new washer, and re-grease the seat and spindle threads again. We guarantee that your taps will restart without any hassles once again.

If the tapware on your faucet cannot be repaired, your plumbing technician will be given a selection of new and modern tapware for you to choose from. A new installation of taps will give a completely new look to your bathroom, kitchen or laundry.

  • If you want to get a leaky faucet repaired, don’t turn it off until you see an increase in water costs. An expert from our finest plumbing group will get your faucet fixed in an instant.
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Replacement of Leaking Taps

Did you know that repairing a leaking faucet is more difficult than you think? It is very difficult to change it. This requires hiring a well-qualified plumber, who ensures that your faucets will function properly. A new faucet installation done this way will give a whole new look to your bathroom, kitchen or laundry. Our faucet plumbers can stock a variety of tap sets, such as:

  • Mixers for the basin or sink
  • Mixers for the bath or shower
  • Sink mixers that pull out/pull-down or swivel
  • Basin mixers with twinners
  • Sets of cross basin or wall basin taps
  • Sets of basin/bath or shower taps
  • Bath fillers that stand alone
How are we equipped?

Our Emergency Plumbing Services Available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week
When your faucet needs repair, the best plumbing group is here for you. We are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can even reach your home within an hour when you call.

Each of our vans is also loaded with all the equipment that will be needed for this job, such as tap washers, ceramic discs for mixer taps, O-rings, replacement tapware, and more. Our Finest Plumbing Group is very efficient and guides the Hardware Store to every task, providing a one-day solution to leaky taps.

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If you are having an emergency plumbing issue, give us a call on 0450 888 881 to reach our emergency plumbers as soon as possible. We are always available for you.

Finest Emergency Plumbers?

In our Finest Plumbing Group, Drain Clearing Specialists are available at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide you with quick and efficient drain unblocking services. Our
services are suitable for both homes and businesses such as your local drain cleaning company.


1. Why do shower mixer tap problems occur?

Shower mixer tap problems usually arise due to blockage in shower heads or blockage in the inlets.

2. Does the amount of leakage depend upon the type of tap ?

Sometimes, the amount of water getting leaked does depend on the type of taps used. For example, compression taps leak a lot less than ball taps and so do disc taps.

3. How much water can get wasted through a leaking tap?

A leaking tap wastes 20,000 liters of water every year. It goes down the drain, but we must consider it. A replacement or repair can fix this problem quickly.

Finest Emergency Plumbers?

At Finest Plumbing Group, drain clearing experts are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to provide quick and competent drain unblocking services. Our drain cleaning services are suited for both households and businesses like your local drain cleaning company.

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