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Blocked Drains Sydney

Blocked drains are one of the most common, yet complicated problems of modern drainage and there are various reasons behind it. However, blocked drains cannot be kept as it is for even a few hours, which makes it an emergency plumbing issue. For such a service, which other group can be a better choice than the Finest Plumbing Group? You can have faith in us and contact us at any time in your need.

Sydney Blocked Drains

When a drain is blocked in Sydney, it means there’s something, somewhere along the pipeline, preventing the water from flowing. This blockage can be caused by many things.

The major cause of Sydney Blocked Drain is food; this type of clog can typically be cleared with ease. Food should not be put into the kitchen sink drain other than to wash it down the sink once you’ve used it. This will help avoid an accumulation of fat which can result in a dreadful sewer gas smell and other related problems.

The second most common cause of Sydney blocked drains is a build-up of hair and soap scum. These often happen in the bathroom and can be prevented by using a drain cover (also called a strainer) with any sink that has an exposed drain.

Soap and sanitary pads should never be disposed of down household drains as they are designed to be water repellent which causes build-up.

Overflows – Some sinks are fitted with overflow mechanisms to allow the sink to accommodate extra water when it’s being used. The overflow mechanism can often be cleared of debris which blocks the passage of wastewater, but if this becomes blocked then you could find that your sink overflows.

Unfortunately, a Sydney clogged drain will not clear itself, and if left unattended, the situation will only worsen. Not only will the symptoms of the problem worsen, but the process of resolving it may get more difficult the longer it is ignored.

We will arrive promptly at your Sydney location with all the essential tools for any installation or repair service. We offer plubing services such as hot system repair and installation, pipe fitting and repair, and much more.

Call our skilled Sydney Emergency Plumbers to resolve any drainage concerns.

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When home pipes are buried under walls, under floors, under garden beds, and concrete, it becomes difficult to identify whether a drain is full or empty. Without wasting a minute more, dial: 0450 888 881


    Blocked Drain Sydney

    There can be many reasons for blocked Drains Sydney, of which the main cause of blockage in the drain is food, but it can be cleaned easily. This can be a fatal problem, when a drain gets clogged, it means that something is stuck in the pipeline, which prevents water from flowing. 

    • Food should be washed carefully in the sink. 
    • It should not be poured down the kitchen sink drain as it can result in a deadly sewer gas odour and other problems. 
    • Another cause of clogged drains is the build-up of hair and soap scum that occurs in bathrooms. 
    • Make sure that soap and sanitary pads are never thrown down the drain, as they are designed to be a water repellent that causes a stoppage in the drains.

    There are some plumbing issues, such as choked gutters, damaged pipes, or leaking taps, but when clogged drains are considered, some modest facets stand out. If you face all these problems, the first thing you call an Sydney Blocked Drains Plumber for Clogged drains, clogging of your sink, water not draining properly from the bath or shower, and above all horrible odour can lead to a variety of harmful problems.

    • Drains and sinks take a long time to clean and empty.
    • The smell of drains is deadly and irritating.
    • Pipes break and make a strange rumble.
    • There is a problem with getting water out of the tube.
    • The sound of running water keeps coming when the tap is not working.
    • Waterlogging around the property.
    • Collection of stormwater near drains and gutters.

    Blocked Drain Emergency Plumbers

    Call our emergency plumbers to resolve any such problems related to blockages or cloggings.


    1. What can a blocked drain result in?

    It can cause a very unhygienic surrounding and can produce bad odour around the drain.

    2. How to avoid such blockages in near future?

    Try to keep your outside drains clean and maintain the drainage on a regular basis.

    3. Why should you choose a plumber?

    You should choose a plumber in the first place because they can actually change the condition of the drain completely. Moreover, normal people will not have the expertise in it.

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